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We are creating a safe crypto payment system, an NFT marketplace, a DAPP, a superb DEFI community, solutions and more..
Alterprotocol Features
We're here to tackle the problem of having to use various DEX to exchange your tokens; we're developing a platform where you can trade tokens with the biggest DEXes and use multiple chains without leaving our app.


You have unrestricted access to your assets via our app and have the opportunity to mine our tokens on a daily basis to become an early member. 100% free

Transparency & Friendly

We are open to our community, disclosing every information regarding the project's development and adjustments, as well as accepting community suggestions. We're all part of one large family.


Protecting your funds and accounts is our top goal; without developing a secure wallet and approaches, we are a nutshell; that is why we prioritize keeping your credentials safe and adding security in every implementation.
Alterprotocol Partnerships
We need partners to build a ground-breaking decentralized ecosystem, and we also require collaborators to be a successful project. The projects we've partnered with are listed below.


HeLa is a Layer-1 solution created by prominent engineers and scientists, and it is powered by a fiat-backed stablecoin for real-world adoption.
Announcement | HelaLabs Twitter


Puff is a Disney-like dreamland of the 3D open-world metaverse, powered by ecological partners, web 3.0 software, and a hardware underlying infrastructure that aims to create a carnival metaverse to connect virtual and reality.
Announcement | PuffVerse Twitter


Rambox will focus on exploring all aspects of AI commercialization in the digital technology domain, with the mission of building the world's strongest, most simplified stable investment income platform.
Announcement | Rambox Twitter

Leap LaunchPad

A secure, efficient, and fair Launchpad platform for global users and projects with highly optimized liquidity and reasonable capital allocation.
Announcement | Leap Twitter

Bika Global

BIKA is a leading digital asset, spot, and derivatives trading platform that provides a user-centric and open ecosystem for global users with safer and faster crypto derivatives trading services.
Announcement | Bika Twitter

Aifi Coin

AIFI Coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that is designed to provide fast, secure, and low-cost transactions for users worldwide.
Announcement | Aifi Twitter


PsuB Box allows anyone to publish and sell their works as NFTs, including digital art, photos, and videos, and presents NFTs in various fields that are closely related to real life, such as vouchers, real estate, and G2E.
Announcement | PsuB Twitter


GenesisWeb3 is a native community to support all Web3 projects, Shaping a world fueled by BlockChain.
Announcement | GenesisWeb3 Twitter

Pumpkin Head

The Pumpkin Head project seeks to intertwine the festive spirit of Halloween with the disruptive nature of blockchain. Through the introduction of PPH tokens and the establishment of a unique ecosystem on BSC
Announcement | Pumpkin Head Twitter
About us
Blockchain builds trust around the world.
We are developing a secure crypto payment system through which anyone can accept crypto payments from their website, blog, stores, or any crypto project. We are also developing an NFT marketplace for both NFT builders and users worldwide, as well as integrating DAPPs into our app, a fantastic DEFI community and solutions, and much more.
Mining our cryptocurrency provides you the opportunity to become an early participant of the project. Keep up the good work.

What does this mean for your firm?

We can collaborate if you believe there is something we can achieve or build together.
Blockchain technology has the potential to alter every business.
If you or your team are a blockchain, web or software developers, marketers, promoters, NFT builders, graphics designers, DEFI, Crypto, Airdrop analysts, or anything else that you believe will be valuable to us and our community, please contact us. We are constantly open to new collaborations. Thank you very much.
Be a part of the future.
Join us today by downloading and installing our app; you can begin collecting your first free tokens shortly after registering, and this will continue until the airdrop ends.