Our current, past and future plans in one place.

What next?

Formation of a team

Organizing, including, for example, putting together a team of developers, blockchain specialists, graphic designers, and marketeers. We considered this seriously, but we have to take our time and make sure everything is launched properly.

App & Web Development

This quarter, we start implementing our user-friendly app, which is the first step in the process of gathering ideas for the app and making it a reality.

Launching of the Project

Thanks to the team and advisers, the project started effectively, going according to schedule and attracting users who are eager to claim tokens and refer others.

Implementations and Partnerships

The implementations of concepts and partnerships with other projects began this quarter; please keep in mind that this quarter does not finish here; implementations on the app and our other projects will continue, as will partnerships.


We will organize token sales, and you can participate in them if you want to acquire our token and keep it until it is listed, or if you want to financially support the viability of the project.

Listing and Stabilities

Our coin will be listed on multiple CEX and DEX, as well as Coingecko and coinmarketcap, along with auditing, marketing, referral campaign, advertising, and promotion.

Token Distribution & More

In this quarter, your acquired tokens will be shared to your wallet in our app, and you will be able to store, stake, or sell them.


Get The App Today

Our airdrop app allows you to easily claim tokens and is customized to your preferences.